Confirmed Speakers

Elsa Abreu, ETH, "Ultrafast electric Mott transition in GaTa4Se8 following THz photoexcitation"

Andrey Akimov, U.Nottingham, UK- (GMT+1) "Emission and absorption of coherent acoustic phonons during ultrafast phase transition"

Jason Auxier, NRL, Washington DC (GMT-5) TBA

Matias Bargheer, U.Potsdam, Germany (GMT+2) "Transient Strain as a Measure of Magnetic Order in Non-Equilibria Following Ultrafast Photoexcitation".

Andrey Baydin, Rice U., CST (GMT-6) "Soft THz phonon in Pb1-xSnxTe".

Rolf Binder, U. Arizona, Tucson, MST (GMT-7) "Terahertz spectroscopy of semiconductor microcavity"

Uwe Bovensiepen, U. of Duisburg-Essen, Germany (GMT+2) "Non-equilibrium energy transfer dynamics across interfaces".

Andrea Caviglia, TU Delft, The Netherlands (GMT+2) "Ultrafast control of magnetic interactions via light-driven phonons".

Ankit Disa, Max Plank I., Germany (GMT+2) "Controlling, enhancing, and stabilizing magnetic order by optically engineering the crystal lattice"

Hermann Durr, Uppsala U., Sweden (GMT+2) "Strain wave stabilized spin wave solitons in FePt Nanoparticles"

Sasha Efros NRL, EST (GMT-5) "Origin and control of blinking in Quantum Dots"

Herbert Fotso, SUNY, Albany (GMT-5) "From transient to steady state: characterizing the field-driven dynamics of correlated quantum systems"

James Freericks, Georgetown U. (GMT-5) "Theoretical description of time-resolved photoemission in charge-density-wave materials"

Isabella Giertz, U. Regensburg, Germany (GMT+2) "Microscopic mechanism of ultrafast charge separation in WSe2/graphene van der Waals heterostructures"

Matt Graham, U. Oregon, Corvallis, PST (GMT-8) "Controlling interlayer exciton and photocurrent dynamics with layer stacking-angle"

Kenan Gundogdu, U. North Carolina, US (GMT-5) "Extended Quantum Coherence and High Temperature Superfluorescence in Hybrid Perovskites".

Anton Gusakov, Max-Born Institute, Germany, (GMT+2) "Ultrashort Local and Third-harmonic Pulses by Transient Plasmonic Resonance in Nanocomposites"

Zahid Hasan, Princeton U. EST (GMT-5) Ultrafast spectroscopy of topological matter

Sarah Houver, Universite de Paris, France, "2D-THz spectroscopy investigation of electron dynamics in InSb and perspectives in Weyl semimetals."

Rupert Huber, U. Regensburg Germany (GMT+2) "Proximity control of interlayer exciton-phonon Hybridization".

Robert Kaindl, U. Arizona, Phoenix, MST (GMT-7) “New Probes of Correlations and Dynamic Structure: from Electrons to Compact X-ray Sources”.

Stefan Kaiser, U. Dresden, Germany, (GMT+2) ”Higgs spectroscopy and transient nonlinear THz response in high Tc superconductors"

Sasha Kalashnikova, Ioffe I. Russia (GMT+4) "Picosecond acoustics in VO2 undergoing ultrafast phase transition"

Lex Kemper, North Carolina State University EST (GMT-5) "Time-Resolved Photoemission from excitons and coherences: Examining excitons and coherences with time-resolved photoemission."

Guru Khalsa, Cornell U. EST (GMT-5) “Ultrafast control of material optical properties via the infrared resonant Raman effect

Eric Landahl, De Paul U.(GMT-6) "Direct observation of zone-edge phonons in cooling bulk semiconductors near room temperature"

Alessandra Lanzara, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, (GMT-8) TBA

Alfred Leitenstorfer, U. Konstantz, Germany (GMT+2) "Femtosecond Transfer and Manipulation of Persistent Hot-Trion Coherence in a Single CdSe=ZnSe Quantum Dot"

Aaron Lindenberg, Stanford U. PST(GMT-8) Dynamic lattice distortions in nano-crystals

Liang Luo Iowa State University, Iowa, CST (GMT-6) "Rashba excitons and polarons controlled by coherent phonons in Metal Halide Perovskites".

Pierre-Adrien Mante, Lund University, Sweden, "Ultrafast carrier and phonon dynamics in the nearly-commensurate charge density wave phase of 1T-TaS2."

Ryusuke Matsunaga, U. Tokyo, (GMT+9) Japan "Terahertz harmonic generation in topological semimetals".

Matteo Mitrano, Harvard U., EST (GMT-5) "Ultrafast diffusive dynamics in charge-ordered cuprate superconductors"

Menxing (Ketty) Na, U. British Columbia, Canada (GMT-8) "Crossover between thermal and nonthermal regimes in pump-probe studies"

Keith Nelson, MIT, EST (GMT-5) "THz control over electronic properties and electronic phases from Quantum Dots to TMDs".

Ilias Perakis, U. Alabama, CST (GMT-6) "Quantum Control and Sensing of Quantum Materials with Two-dimensional Coherent Terahertz Spectroscopy".

Luca Perfetti, E. Polytechnique, France, (GMT+2) " Hot Carriers and Screening Effects in a Two Dimensional Electron Gas"

Michael Rafailov, U. Alberta, Canada (GMT-5) "Coherent Phonons and Metastability of Transient States" .

Baerbel Rethfeld, TU.Kaiserslautern, (GMT+2) "Relaxation dynamics of nonequilibrium electrons in laser-excited solids"

Pascal Ruello, U.Le Mans, France, (GMT+2) "Ultrafast phonon dynamics and symmetry breaking in ferroic materials"

Michael Sentef, Max Plank I., Germany (GMT+2) "Cavity quantum materials".

Olga Sergaeva, U.New Mexico, Albuquerque, MST (GMT-7) "Non-equilibrium electron excitations in semiconductors pumped with ultrashort mid-infrared laser pulses"

Koichiro Tanaka, Kyoto U.,GMT+17 "High harmonic Generation from Strongly Correlated Materials"

Sam Teitelbaum, U. Arizona (GMT-7) "Multimodal studies of photoinduced metastable phases, from THz to x-rays"

Jigang Wang Ames Laboratory, Iowa CST (GMT-6) “Ultrafast control of topological states of matter by symmetry-selective coherent phonons

Vladislav Yakovlev, Max Plank I., Germany, (GMT+2) "Tracing optical-field-driven electric currents after sudden photoexcitation"

Leonid Zhigilei, U. Virginia, Charlottesville, EST (GMT-5) "Multiscale modeling of nonlinear propagation of acoustic waves and acoustic activation of surface processes"

Conference chairs

Prof. James Freericks, Georgetown U.; Dr. Jason Auxier, NRL; and Prof. Michael Rafailov, U. Alberta

Organizing committee

Dr. Michael Forst, Max Plank Institute, Germany

Prof. Ilias Perakis, University of Alabama, USA

Prof. Alexander Kemper, University of North Carolina, USA

Dr. Sasha Efros, NRL, USA

Prof. Luca Perfetti, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Prof. Vitaly Gruzdev, University of New Mexico, USA

Dr. Sasha Kalashnikova, A.F. Ioffe Institute, Russia