Confirmed Speakers

1. Martin Aeschliman, Unuversity of Kaiserslautern, Germany

"Towards optical band structure engineering in molecular-based heterostructures

2. Andrei Akimov, Nottingham University, UK

"Coherent phonons in van der Waals nanolayers

3. Dmitry Basov, Rocco Vitalone, Columbia University, USA

"Ultra-fast nano-optic research of the insulator to metal transition in Ruthernates"

4. Rolf Binder, Arizona University, USA

"Physics of voltage-profile modifications in P-N photodetectors"

5. Fabio Boschini, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada

"Optical manipulation of Rashba-split 2-dimensional electron gas tracked by TR-ARPES"

6. Uwe Bovensiepen, Universitaet Duisburg-Essen, Germany

"Revealing elementary interactions in transition metals by ultrafast solid state spectroscopy"

7. Tobias Brixner, University of Wirzburg, Germany

"Multidimensional spectroscopy of nanostructured systems"

8. Olga Fedotova, Minsk University, Belorus

"Femtosecond pulse propagation in nanocomposites with semiconductor quantum dots"

9. Jim Freericks, Georgetown University, USA

Theoretical description of time-resolved photoemission in charge density wave materials

10. Victor Galitski, University of Maryland, USA

"The interplay of topology and strain in correlated materials"

11. Isabella Giertz, University of Regensburg, Germany

Non-equilibrium carrier and band structure dynamics in graphene – 2D Sn heterostructures

12. Matt Graham, Oregon State University, USA

"Optomagneto control of charge multiplication in conjugated carbon-based single crystals"

13. Alexander Gray, Temple University, USA

"Ultrafast THz E-field control of the emergent electronic and magnetic interactions at the CaMnO 3 /LaNiO 3 ferromagnetic interface"

14. Vitaly Gruzdev, New Mexico State University, USA

In parallel with photoemission: nonlinear ultrafast electronic effects at semiconductor surfaces

15. Kenan Gundogdu, North Carolina State University, USA

Observation of room temperature superfluorescence andimplications for quantum materials

16. Ulrich Höfer, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

"Time-resolved momentum microscopy of dark excitons in 2D semiconductors"

17. Philip Hofman (Aarhus, Danemark)

"Ultrafast X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and photoelectron diffraction"

18. Ebert Huber, Munchen University,Germany

"Theoretical investigations on ultra-fast demagnetization using ab-initio and simulation methods"

19. Anton Husakov, Max Born Institute, Germany

"Billiard-like resonances and ultrafast nonlinear optics in metallic nanostructures"

20. Lex Kemper, North Carolina State University

Non-equilibrium spectroscopy from the theoretical perspective

21. Aaron Lindenberg Stanford University-SLAC USA

"Induction of new phases of matter via non-resonant excitation"

22. Dragan Mihailovic Josef Institute, Slovenia

Metastable quantum structures in triangular lattices of transition metal dichalcogenides created by ultrafast laser pulses

23. Meng Xing Na, University of British Columbia, Canada

"Evolution of the nonthermal to thermal crossover in pump-probe electron relaxation dynamics"

24. Ilias Perakis, University of Alabama, USA

Quantum Coherence Tomography of Lightwave–Controlled Superconductivity and Quantum Magnonics

25. Hrvoje Petek, University of Pittsburgh, USA

"Floquet engineering of ultrafast coherent charge transfer at a metal-molecule interface”.

26. Michael Rafailov

"Photovoltaic resonances induced by ultrashort laser pulse"

27. Kai Rossnagel, Kiel University, Germany

"Ultrafast unordering of charge-density waves"

28. Angel Rubio, Max Plank Institute, Germany

"Polaritonic quantum matter: Cavity materials engineering"

29. Pascal Ruello, Le Mans University, France

"Ultrafast light-induced strain in the prototypal multiferroic material BiFeO3"

30. Andrej Singer , Cornell University, USA

"Femtosecond control of phonon and density wave dynamics near a magnetic order critical point"

31. Nick Sirica Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

"Photoinduced shearing in TaAs

32. Chris Smallwood, San Jose State University, USA "Coherent Optical Spectroscopy Studies of Hidden Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Diamond"

33. Takami Tohyama, Tokyo University, Japan

"Electric-pulse-driven spin and charge dynamics in Mott insulators"

34. Darius Torchinsky, Temple University, USA

"Surface photogalvanic studies of structurally chiral Weyl semimetals"

35. .Mariano Trigo Stanford University, USA

"Collective modes and topological defects of a charge density wave out of equilibrium”

Conference chairs

Prof. James Freericks, Georgetown U. and Prof. Michael Rafailov, U. Alberta