Program November 15 – November 19, 2021

VIII Ultrafast Dynamics and Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics - Georgetown University

Note that all talks are 25 mins long + 5 mins for questions

November 15, 2021 Monday

Session I. Ultrafast Dynamics and Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics - chairs intro

(0800-850)EST ;( 0500-0550) PST; (1300-1350) UK; (1400-1450) Germany; (2200-2250) Japan

James FreericksUltrafast Dynamics”; Jason Auxier “Ultrafast Bandgap Photonics.”

Introduction to the conference

1. James Freericks, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA "Theoretical description of time-resolved photoemission in charge-density-wave materials".

Session II. Transient Dynamics of Ultrafast Excited Solids

(0850-1020)EST; (0550-0820) MST; (1450-1620) Germany; (1650-1820) Russia

2. Baerbel Rethfeld, Technishe University Kaiserslautern, Germany, Non-equilibrium dynamics of laser-excited electrons in solids.“

3. Herbert Fotso, SUNY, Albany, USA, "From transient to steady state: characterizing the field-driven dynamics of correlated quantum systems."

4. Olga Sergaeva, ITMO University Saint Petersburg, Russia "Non-equilibrium electron excitations in semiconductors pumped with ultrashort mid-infrared laser pulses."

Break 40 min

Session III. Metastability of Transient States

(1100-1230) EST ;(0900-1030) MST; (080-0930) PST

5. Keith Nelson, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, THz control over electronic properties and electronic phases from quantum dots to TMDs.”

6. Sam Teitelbaum, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA Multimodal studies of photoinduced metastable phases, from THz to x-rays.”

7. Aaron Lindenberg, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA “Probing electrically-driven phase dynamics in vanadium dioxide switches via correlated electron scattering and transport.”

Session IV. Time-resolved photoemission in Ultrafast Dynamics

(1230-1330) EST ;( 0930-1030) PST

8. Lex Kemper, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA "Time-Resolved Photoemission from excitons and coherences: Examining excitons and coherences with time-resolved photoemission."

9. MengXing Na, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada "Crossover between thermal and nonthermal regimes in pump-probe studies".

November 16, 2021 Tuesday

Session V. Coherent Acoustic Phonons

(0800-0930) EST; (0700-0830) CST; (1300-1430) UK; (1400-1530) France; (1700-1830) Russia

10. Andrey Akimov, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK Emission and absorption of coherent acoustic phonons during ultrafast phase transition.

11. Leonid Zhigiley, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Multiscale modelling of nonlinear propagation of acoustic waves and acoustic activation of surface processes.”

12. Norman Tolk, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA “Depth-dependent studies of electron and phonon ultrafast dynamics in femtosecond laser-induced transient states of matter.” (Prof. Tolk was not able to give his talk)

Break 30 min

Session VI. Coherent Acoustic Phonons and Magnetism

(1000-1200) EST; (1600-1800) Sweden, The Netherland & Germany; (1800-2000) Russia

13. Hermann Durr, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden “Direct visualization of spin-lattice coupling in FePt nanoparticles”

14. Ankit Disa, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, Germany “Controlling, enhancing, and stabilizing magnetic order by optically engineering the crystal lattice.”

15. Sasha Kalashnikova, A.F. Ioffe Institute. – ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia “THz magnetic dynamics in an antiferromagnet CoF2 mediated by optically-driven coherent phonons.”

16. Andrea Caviglia, Delft University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands "Oxide interfaces: a versatile platform for material design and ultrafast light control." (Prof. Caviglia was not able to give his talk.)

Session VII. Ultrafast Dynamics of Strain-tuned Structures

(1200-1300) EST; (1100-1200) CST; (1800-1900) France; (1800-1900) Germany

17. Matias Bargheer, University of Potsdam, Germany “Transient strain as a measure of magnetic order in non-equilibria following ultrafast photoexcitation.”

18. Eric Landahl, St. Paul University, Chicago, IL, USA "Direct observation of zone-edge phonons in cooling bulk semiconductors near room temperature."

November 17, 2021 Wednesday

Session VIII. Topological Excitation

(0800-1000) EST; (0700-0900 )CST; (1400-1600)France; (2200-2400)Japan

19. Ryusuke Matsunaga, University of Tokyo - PRESTO, Chiba, Japan "Nonequilibrium dynamics of broadband response functions in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 studied by multiterahertz spectroscopy"

20. Jigang Wang, Ames Laboratory-Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA "Ultrafast control of topological states of matter by symmetry- selective coherent phonons."

21. Andrey Baydin, Rice University, Houston, USA “Phonon dynamics in Pb1-xSnxTe.”

22. Zahid Hasan, Princeton University, Princeton, USA "Ultrafast spectroscopy of topological matter. Ultrafast study of topological matter"

Break 15 min

Session IX. Non-equilibrium Symmetries and Coherence

(1015-1145) EST; (0715-0845) PST; (1615-1745) Germany

23. Robert Kaindl, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA, “New probes of correlations and dynamic structure.”

24. Rolf Binder, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA "Terahertz spectroscopy of semiconductor microcavity lasers."

25. Michael Sentef, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, Germany "Cavity quantum materials: from exactly solvable models to designer quantum matter".

Break 30 min

Section X. Ultrafast Dynamics of Managed 2D structures

(1215-1415) EST; (0915-1115) PST; (1815-2015) Germany

26. Uwe Bovensiepen, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany "Non-equilibrium energy transfer dynamics across interfaces."

27. Isabella Gierz, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany "Microscopic Understanding of Ultrafast Charge Transfer in WS2/Graphene Heterostructures."

28. Luca Perfetti, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France "Hot carriers and screening effects in a two dimensional electron gas on InSe"

29. Matt Graham, Oregon SU, Corvallis, OR, USA "Tuning exciton extraction pathways with interlayer stacking angle." (Video cut off at 17 mins.)

November 18, 2021 Thursday

Session XI. High harmonic generation from correlated materials

(0900-1030) EST; (1500-1630) Germany; (2300-0030) Japan

30. Koichiro Tanaka, Kyoto University., Kyoto, Japan "High harmonic generation from strongly correlated materials."

31. Anton Husakou, Max-Born Institute, Berlin, Germany "Ultrashort local and third-harmonic by transient plasmonic resonance in nano-composites."

32. Manuel Meierhofer, Regensburg University, Regensburg, Germany "Tunable non-integer high-harmonic generation in a topological insulator."

Session VII (add on). Ultrafast Dynamics of Strain-tuned Structures

(1030-1100) EST; (0930-1000) CST; (1630-1700) France; (1630-1700) Germany

33. Pascal Ruello, Le Mans University, France “Ultrafast phonon dynamics and symmetry breaking in ferroic materials.”

Break 30 min

Session XII. Light-induced Superconductivity

(1130-1410)EST; (1030-1310) CST; (1730-2010) Germany, Switzerland & Sweden

34. Michael Foerst, Max Planck Institute, Germany, Session chair

35. Ilias Perakis, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, USA "Visualization and light–driven entanglement of quantum systems by using terahertz multi–dimensional coherent spectroscopy."

36. Matteo Mitrano, Harvard University., Cambridge, MA, USA "Probing the electronic properties of light- driven cuprate superconductors with ultrafast X-rays."

37. Pierre-Adrien Mante, Lund University, Uppsala, Sweden "Ultrafast dynamics in the nearly commensurate charge density wave phase of 1T-TaS2."

38. Stefan Kaiser, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany “Higgs spectroscopy and transient non-linear THz response in high Tc superconductors."

39. Gregor Jotzu, Max Planck Institute, Germany "Light-Induced Superconductivity in Organic Materials: Metastability, Microscopic Riddles, and Ultrafast Magnetometry"

November 19, 2021 Friday

Session XIII. Transient Optics of Low Dimensionals

(1000-1130)EST; (900-1030) CST; (1600-1730) Germany;

40. Alexander Efros, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, USA "Excitons in perovskite nanostructures."

41. Liang Luo, Ames Laboratory - Iowa State University, Ames, IA "Rashba excitons and polarons controlled by coherent phonons in Metal Halide Perovskites."

42. Kenan Gundogdu, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC "Extended quantum coherence and high temperature superfluorescence in hybrid perovskites."

Break 30 min

Session XIV. Excitation Control in Ultrafast Dynamics

(1200-1500EST; (0900-1200) PST; (1800-2100) Germany &France & Switzerland

43. Alfred Leitenstorfer, University of. Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany "Electron dynamics at elementary spatio-temporal scales."

44. Elsa Abreu, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland "Ultrafast electric Mott transition in GaTa4Se8 following THz photoexcitation." (Talk not recorded)

45. Sarah Houver, University of Paris, Paris Cedex, France "2D-THz spectroscopy investigation of electron dynamics in InSb and perspectives in Weyl semimetals."

46. Guru Khalsa, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA "Ultrafast control of material optical properties via the infrared resonant Raman effect."

47. Vladislav Yakovlev, Max Planck Institute.-Ludwig-Maximilian University, Garching, Germany "Tracking electron motion with optical-field detection."

48. Michael Rafailov, University of. Alberta, Edmonton, Canada "Energy transfer following ultrafast excitation: indirect semiconductors."

PS. Plenary speakers are highlighted and usually-unless there is a reservation related to the timing, are the first speakers of the sessions.